Fullname: Vanessa Gyan

Category: Humanitarian Award- Reproductive Health and Maternal Safety

Code: 9428

Nominee's Bio: Seven years after returning to Ghana, Vanessa Gyan has definitely made an impact in society with her main focus being in the maternal health sector. Three years after launching The Sincerely, Vee Foundation, Gyan has impacted the lives of thousands of Ghanaian women through The Post Pregnancy Boujie Express; a maternal health initiative aimed at educating and supporting prenatal and postpartum women. Under the initiative, Gyan has and continues to support mothers alongside their newborns by assisting in the payment of their discharge bills from various medical institutions. During each event and also throughout the year, Gyan donates much needed necessities from sanitary pads, baby necessities to bed mats to the less privileged. Vanessa Gyan's dedication towards maternal health awareness strives to impact Ghanaian mothers alongside their newborns on a greater scale. The Post Pregnancy Boujie Express also celebrates expectant mother's like no another with an annual mass baby shower which caters to over 200 women while also educating them on the importance of prenatal/postnatal care, CPR, Breastfeeding and motherhood as a whole. Thousands of Ghanaian women have received free maternal health access thanks to The Post Pregnancy Boujie Express. The Post Pregnancy Boujie Express is a one of a kind initiative helping to close the maternal health gap in its own way.

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