Fullname: Sophia Celstina Apenkro

Category: Humanitarian Award- Community Child Protection

Code: 6859

Nominee's Bio: Sophia's passion for children's welfare remains unquestionable as well as unquenchable. Out of her passion, she has birth the Shrewd Foundation which concentrates on children with higher rate of vulnerability. She has been a great channel of joy for most of these children. The alacrity she attaches to her work, especially during outreaches has been superb. She being a Sociology graduate, has opened her eyes to the various dangers that await such children, hence the need to provide an avenue to curb, if not all, most children from being social misfit. Her encouragement to the children has grown out of genuine passion for vulnerable children. Her foundation, regularly embarks on outreaches to provide street children with some basic needs in order to enhance their living. She has a strong desire that, in the long run, she can get appropriate abode for such children. Sophia has a great personality and she deserves to be rewarded. Shrewd foundation is steadily achieving its aim, and Sophia is a propeller to this worthy course. God bless her bountifully.

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