Fullname: Organisation for child fellowship

Category: Humanitarian Award-Faith Base Organization

Code: 6848

Nominee's Bio: She's a lady pastor who loves the Lord and everything about children and women. She single handedly started her NGOs a couple of years ago and has always not failed to donate. She a young ambitious, preacher, who is very hard working. She is an engineer by career and loves to give to the poor and needy . With honesty and transparency, she has archived a lot and also, impacted positively in the lives of so many uncountable people.She also loves women Soo much and everything and anything that is in the interest of women is her concern. She has put up a couple of libraries in some rural areas in the country, has donated to all the female prisons in the country in just give days contineusly. She's Soo ambitious and hops to be able to do more everyday so women and children can also have a little love in their lives time.

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