Fullname: Annemary None Fiabema

Category: Outstanding Philanthropist

Code: 6784

Nominee's Bio: Annemary Fiabema, is the Founder of Faith Heritage Family (FHF) a Grassroots Humanitarian Organization, based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The group was founded in 2010 as a vehicle to reach out to the very poor indigenous residents of the Water front (Waterside) communities in Port Harcourt. Her Vision is to reduce HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty to the barest minimum. Her Mission is to Inspire the Despairing to Aspire. Scope of work; Since 2010, she has been organizing workshops on Sensitization/ Awareness on how to manage/ tackle the spread of HIV/AIDS in these vulnerable communities. She also organizes outreaches every 27th of May (Children's Day) and 1st of October(Independence Day) which are very symbolic days in Nigeria, to feed, clothe and provide free medicals to less privilege children, widows and the elderly. Her catchment areas are the water front communities, locally known as “Water side” settlements. These communities are where the extremely poor people in Port Harcourt reside. They live in make shift shacks. On these days, she and her Faith Heritage Family, take reasonable quantity of staple food such as Rice, Garri, Beans, Noodles, Milk and toiletries to the extremely poor residents of the water side. They also give them clothes, books, enroll some kids in school and sometimes arrange for on-site free medicals. Over 2,000 persons have been impacted, mostly Children, widows and the elderly. Her Inspiration to take action against HIV/ AIDS and extreme poverty started when she was a teenager. Growing up, she saw a lot of poor people struggling to make ends meets in her immediate environment. It dawned on her that the poor man’s life is living because it must live. Incentives to ease the suffering and hunger of the poor were scarce. Year in year out, the rate of poverty and hunger in Nigeria kept increasing. Many cannot find jobs, children were out of school because the parents could not afford school fees. The youths in the slumps and shanties in Port Harcourt were resorting to crime, under aged pregnancy and of course vulnerability to diseases such as HIV/AIDS was also on the rise. As an adult she decided to give hope to the poor. Her work has attracted the attention of the Rivers State Government in the area of developing infrastructure such as paving the roads in these settlements, drilling bore hole for them to have portable drinking water and construction of drainages to improve the sanitation challenges they face. She was able to get these attention because of the publicity given to the out reaches. In like manner, foreign NGOs like Petal Charitable Trust based in Dubia has partnered with her Faith Heritage Family in one of the out reaches. Her initiative has awaken the government to its responsibility to these poor neighbourhoods. Most persons dread the water side communities because of the criminality and high rate of crime there. She goes in there because she believes a show of love gives hope to the hopeless, an act of inspiration gives the despairing a reason to aspire. On United Nations World Environmental Day 5th June 2019, she took the awareness campaign into the waterside communities, educating them on consequences of pollution and bad sanitary conditions. Her work has been appreciated by a United Kingdom organization named Wobia Entertainment who gave her an Award for Services for Humanity in 2016. However, she has projected expanding her scope in the coming years to teaching the youths and young widows’ artisan skills so they can be self-employed and earn a living

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