Fullname: Network Of Hope

Category: Outstanding Volunteer Group

Code: 5117

Nominee's Bio: Network of Hope is a Registered Non Profitable Organization which seeks at helping the less privileged in the society in areas such health, education and sanitation. it has been in existence for the past 6 years with a membership of about 35 active volunteers. Network of Hope as part of its activities organizes two projects each year in Easter where donations are made to widows in a selected community and in December called Tene Wonsa, where a less privileged school, orphanage and health facility is visited with items donated to. In December 2019, which marked its 5th year in existence, the organization after seeing a documentary on TV3's Missions, renovated the Nyakuikope CHPS compound to help make healthcare accessible for the people of Nyakuikope. The Organization has in the past years supported orphanages, special schools and some widows in various regions in the country.

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