Category: Young philanthropist of the year (Female category)

Code: 4833

Nominee's Bio: My name is Sophia Celestina Apenkro. I am a young entrepreneur who has keen interest in causing positive change in my environment. I come from a family of six. I have three siblings and I am the last of them. I started the foundation 2 months after I completed my tertiary education in 2017, and at the age of 21 years. The urge to start this foundation was kindled after my encounter with a street child in my final semester of my tertiary education. As late as 8pm, I met a street child whom I speculated to be in the age range of 5-7years. She did not find it strange to be out at that time in search for her daily manner. I did my bit to help this famished child but I was dumbfounded and worried to see this child wandering. The issue of streetism was prevalent then but I did not see it to be a worry until my encounter with this child. This child was the reason for the start of the foundation. She ignited my interest to probe in to the issue of child streetism. She was the start of this noble foundation. In the coming years, I wish to see the end of streetism, to see children in school and to see a better future for children.

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