Fullname: Fawad Ali Langah

Category: Best SDG 4 advocate of the year

Code: 2882

Nominee's Bio: Fawad Ali Langah was born and raised in Karachi, he belongs to a small village known as GABAR JEE, district Dadu province of Sindh, Pakistan. He had done his graduation from PAF KIET University in BS-Telecommunications and networks in 2013 and received an award of STAR PERFORMER of KIET, in the 2nd year of education he has been introduced with the field of Simulation of the United Nations or Model United Nations, It was April 2009, that he has begun his Model UN journey, dedicating his life to serve such youth platforms, and never looked back since, In 2015 he has done his Post-graduation from Middlesex University London campus in International Relations after that two-course certification in global diplomacy from University of London (2016) and public policy economics from University of Oxford (2017). In his entire Model UN career, he has visited and represented Pakistan in more than 20 countries, along with world’s best educational institutions such as the University of Passau Germany, National University of Singapore, University of Geneva Switzerland, Techfest institute Mumbai India, University of Dresden Germany, University of Flensburg Germany, University of Sonderburg Denmark, Cardiff University Wales United Kingdom, Munster University Germany, Mulberry School of London, Oxford University the United Kingdom and British University Hanoi, Vietnam. Furthermore, he has also represented Pakistan at world’s greatest platforms such as The United Nations New York Headquarters in 2012, The United Nations Geneva Headquarters in 2012, Student movement of Rome in 2012, ministry of foreign affairs Italy, Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters special agency of United Nation’s Rome Italy in 2012, and Saxons Parliament of Germany Dresden, Germany. The golden achievements of his life as a proud Pakistani, In 2012, he went on to be selected by GIMUN (Geneva International MUN Conference), held in Palace de Nations UN Geneva Headquarters in Switzerland, as a bloc Representative and trainer for Organization of Islamic Cooperation, later, in the same year, he was only Pakistani student, selected by the United Nations to attend their 1st Annual Model United Nations workshop, held at the UN Headquarters in NYC., and in 2018 he was awarded by United Ambassadors’ HALL of FAME 2018 as an Exceptional Model United Nations Trainer across the globe. Today he has been recognised worldwide as a trainer and consultant of Model United Nations from Pakistan, People called him a veteran of Model UN, He is also serving as a teacher for Visionary, Leadership and motivation, certified Life coach/Trainer and a Corporate Softskills trainer, furthermore, In March 2018 he has initiated his online platform through social sites, including a YouTube channel by the name of MUN4SKILLS, where he actively shares his experiences, explains tactics and provides training regarding Model United Nations. In April 2019 he has completed his 10 years of Model UN career, with the same enthusiasm and passion that is just a beginning still more to conquer, As stated by him “I will not retire from this field until I leave this world, whatever, I have been blessed by Allah the almighty I will give to the people and serve humanity”. Some great quotes drive by himself as; “Opportunities are everywhere, it’s a matter of fact how you cash those opportunities” “The world is full of negativity, it’s your skills and talent how you change that into positivity” “Not everything is business, there is something we called humanity as well” His motive is through the skills and statue of Model UN he is promoting the SDG-4 Quality education and being an advocate of SDG’s, he believes that the skills from the Model UN he can teach and train people by using the great soft skills, He is very much active in the sector of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), youth development and empowerment, women development and empowerment etc. He is also certified in Conflict Management, Consultant and Trainer for Model United Nations Globally, known as a motivational speaker on the youth development, empowerment and dimension of life, he is also certified Life Trainer/Coach. . Fawad is also a Global Goodwill Ambassador of Pakistan, Honorary Member from Pakistan of National Human Rights and Humanitarian Federation, International Goodwill Ambassador and Adviser for youth Affairs of Federal Association for the advancement of the visible minorities (FAAVM) Awarded: Sheikh Zayed Peace Award at 4th Sheikh Zayed Peace Conference Dubai 21st Sept 2019 by the ruling family of Dubai. He was also awarded HALL of FAME as an Exceptional Model United Nations Trainer by United Ambassadors. He keeps promoting the SD4 in the rural and sub-urban side of Pakistan by visiting the place or using his platform known as MUN4SKILLS, which is available on every social media and especially on YouTube Channel, so everyone can learn from his skills and exposure what he has earned by serving the Model UN field, which is the best source of promoting Quality Education.

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