Fullname: Youth Initiative for Africa Development Youth Initiative for Africa Development Youth Initiative for Africa Development

Category: Outstanding Volunteer Group

Code: 2864

Nominee's Bio: The desire to positively impact the life of the average African youth as well as the need to drive development through the modern-day youth were the key principles that guided Abdul-Rahman Abdullai to form Youth Initiative for Africa Development (YIFAD). (YIFAD) is duly registered under the Companies Act, 1963(Act 179) in August 2013 as a Non-Governmental Organization which is set up with social empowerment as our key tenet. Our organization is of humble origins as we trace our routes to the University of Ghana, Legon where our founder, a then student of the school, registered (YIFAD) as a Student Association with the aim of undertaking developmental programs and projects geared towards reaching out to the less privileged in our society. An introspection of the modern-day society made us come to the realization that there are various societal woes that need to be addressed, however the pessimists in our society are likely to sit aloof and complain rather than take active part in ascertaining the solutions to these problems. YIFAD aims at taking an active and positive stance in addressing the social problems facing the youth as well as coming up with innovative ways to address these problems. Organization Activities Conduct developmental activities such as: • Water and Sanitation • Education • Health • Children welfare • Peace and security • Women empowerment • Community development • Environment protection • Human rights and democracy • Social services • Disabled welfare • Agriculture development

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