Fullname: Anthony Kodzo Hunkpe

Category: Best SDG 6 advocate of the year

Code: 2544

Nominee's Bio: I belong to students based NGO in Sunyani known as Technology Without Boaders (TeoG or TWB). Is a Ghanaian/German NGO, we are into community development, our works are in areas of water regeneration, recycling of plastics, teaching ICT and Hospital equipment maintenance. All we do is to identify communities with water problem, we have an eco-friendly chemical known as wessoclean which we do get from Germany we use it to regenerate bore holes. Last year and this year alone we have been to more than 10 communities . we were in 3 other communities known as Kantro1,2,3 to work on their bore holes before corona virus pandemic disrupt our activities so that is on hold for now

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