Fullname: compassion Ghana

Category: Humanitarian Award- Community Child Protection

Code: 1407

Nominee's Bio: THE MINISTRY What is it? Compassion’s holistic Child & Youth Sponsorship Program seeks to break the generational cycle of poverty through a long-term, whole-child approach to development. The Child and Youth Sponsorship Program allows a sponsor to invest in the life of a young person (aged 0-22 years) Compassion has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Compassion-sponsored children and youth numbered 2 million globally as of January 2019. Strategy The Sponsorship Program is at the core of Compassion’s holistic child development model and is delivered at Child and Youth Development Centers, which are administered by thousands of indigenous church partners all over the world. FACTS COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL GHANA Compassion's work in Ghana began in 2005 with seven (7) FCPs and 1,000 children. Compassion International Ghana partners with 360 churches in Ghana as at 31st Dec. 2019. Compassion sponsors children almost 90,000 across 9 regions of Ghana as at 1st Jan. 2019. DISTINCTIVENESS Compassion’s holistic child development model has three key distinctiveness, commonly referred to as “The 3 C’s.” Christ-centered. Each child has an opportunity to hear the Gospel in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant way. Child-focused. Engaging each child as a complete person, we treat children like we would want our own children treated. Church-based. We partner mainly with the church, through which we ensure that each child is known, loved and protected.

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