Fullname: Highrange Rural Development Society India

Category: Outstanding Volunteer Group

Code: 1372

Nominee's Bio: HRDS INDIA is a registered NGO which puts forward the agenda of Tribal Development in entirety. Since its inception, HRDS INDIA visualizes India and the world free of social dogmas and disparity. Restoration of humanity and cultivation of the humane society is its chosen path. HRDS INDIA primarily focuses on uplifting living standards of the oppressed. Several welfare projects have been initiated across India, Ghana and the world that directly benefit many tribal and poor families. The Projects undertaken spreads across varied sectors like education, health, livelihood and woman empowerment. Our projects include “Sadhgraha” (Tribal Housing Project), “Jwalamukhi” Women Empowerment Programme (Micro Credit initiative for SHG’s), “Ekagrah” Educational Programme (Educational, Cultural & Skill Development Programme DDU-GKY Govt. of India), “Niramaya” Centre for Traditional Medicine and Research (Health, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Sidhaand Yoga), “Karshaka” Cultivation of Medicinal Plants for the Sustainable Livelihood of Tribal People (Sustainable Sericulture, Cultivation of Medicinal Plants, Organic Natural Farming, Animal Husbandry, and Agriculture Development). Such projects foster community motivation and social mobilization. Where there is a need for a help, you will not find a helping hand… this truth is the cause for the formation of HRDS INDIA (High Range Rural Development Society) we want to touch the life of the poor and needy, help them out of there miseries within our capacity and make their life better, it is not only the poor people of Indian villages we are focused on, but the whole of India and the world. We are here to stretch out our hands for the needy. We are scaling up this projects through our partners in Africa and the rest of the world. Currently, in Ghana we are caring and providing basic living materials for vulnerable people like orphans, people living with mental health problems and the homeless. We are supporting people living with epilepsy and promoting personal hygiene during this Corona virus pandemic in the Sawla/Tuna/Kalba and Bole districts in the Savannah region of Ghana.

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