Fullname: Dr. Nelson Kwesi Ahadome

Category: Best SDG 3 advocate of the year

Code: 1348

Nominee's Bio: Dr. Nelson is a physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist and health promoter across Africa. He's the founder of Icon health system which is now present in more than 5 countries (Netherlands, Italy, UK, USA, China). He is an author and a public speaker. He has authored life changing books such as An Urge to Succeed, Secrets to healthy living and many other articles that continue to contribute to the health and well-being of young people across Africa. He has recently led Icon health system and youth for health initiatives into the battle against the deadly covid-19 pandemic. He has been active in the sensitization and empowerment of the public to curb the spread of the disease especially in Africa where available resources would not be enough should the situation escalate. He is also helping many to build their immune system through proper exercise, drinking of water, smoking cessation, alcohol intake reduction, and development of proper eating habits in this war against covid-19. His new rural community initiative : Teenage Mother's support group, is a very groundbreaking project that is not only transforming lives of teenagers but overcoming the community's nightmares as well. In the Agona East District, where teenage pregnancy is a key problem, such change makers are a priceless gift to the community.

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