Category: Best SDG 3 advocate of the year

Code: 0534

Nominee's Bio: Miss Obipiseibima Priscillia Aggokabo is one of Nigeria's finest emerging advocate in girl child education, creating an avenue for innovation and ensuring healthy lives. Youth engagements has always been the bedrock on which she achieves her goals. She has demonstrated an understanding and commitment towards global commitment in her community by providing females the opportunity for a skill acquisition to reduce the high rate of extreme poverty, unwanted pregnancy and gender inequality within her community. She is creating public awareness, providing a global platform to promote various innovative ideas and technological advancement, ensuring education of public and the society which to her is of outmost importance and the treatment of the various enteric diseases to save mankind. She is focused on promoting innovation, reducing climate change through the use of app and other means to model flood prone areas and disaster rudiments. She is currently advocating for the importance of the Human papilloma virus vaccine and papanicolaou smear screening to prevent cervical cancer, the accessibility of this vaccine in West Africa especially in Nigeria and Ghana. To this effect has produced awareness campaign flyers to enhance education which had registered over 100 people globally. She is the founder of Global Impact For Rural Innovation Foundation and humanitarian for ending extreme Poverty in Africa. Member, African Society for Laboratory Medicine, a registered member of the Health and Care Profession Councils United Kingdom, member of the Young African Leaders Initiative, member of the Global Citizen. Registered member of the Medical Laboratory science council of Nigeria. (Medical Laboratory Science), (Public Health), Master of Research (Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine).

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