Fullname: Adrienne Booth Johnson

Category: Outstanding Philanthropist

Code: 0124

Nominee's Bio: Dr. Adrienne Booth Johnson was a Coca-Cola Executive who retires after 25 years of active service in the industry. As a part of her “retirement” she founded the Infinity Global Empowerment, where she has created empowerment programs that lifts women out of poverty and creates sustainable income in West Africa. Dr. Johnson understands the need for women to have opportunity- as a young single mother; she learned perseverance at an early age. She succeeded in business, but she sees and realizes that women, particularly those in Africa, don’t have the same advancement options. So she created a program in Monrovia, Liberia, for women to thrive by becoming independent Coca –Cola vendors. It was so successful, that Coca-Cola took the model across Liberia, to other African nations and to Southeast Asia. In 2017, Dr. Johnson launched the Wo Ye Bra Project to keep girls in school who would have otherwise stay home because of lack of access to sanitary supplies during their menstruation. This was done by personally training women who do not have any source of income in making the reusable sanitary pads, the later produce and sell in their towns or villages. However the project developed to be an entrepreneurship model for women to attain a source of livelihood. As part of the training package, each trainee receives a WO YE BRA Graduate Pack which includes sewing machine, fabrics, and accessories, start-up capital and opportunity to be part of a Network of Women Entrepreneurs at no cost to the trainee. As of 20th January 2020, she has put a total of 100 women in business in Ghana and Sierra Leone under her WO YE BRA Project.

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